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About Lombok


Introducing Lombok

Lombok is the most popular destination in Nusa Tenggara, with the fabled Gili Islands drawing visitors for action both in and out of the water, mighty Gunung Rinjani luring trekkers, and the big breaks on the south coast a magnet for surfers. Matram, Lombok’s capital, is a good spot for day trips to the surrounding areas, and nearby Senggigi is superbly positioned along a stretch or sweeping bays. In east Lombok, the very scenic Sumbawa offers low key tourism and some good surf breaks.

The island of Lombok shapes up at about 80km from east to west and about the same from north to south, with lush evergreen landscapes and parts which are chronically dry. Droughts, particularly in the south and east, can last for months, causing crop failure and famine – though recent improvements in water management have made life in Lombok less precarious.

Rice is an important crop, though yields are lower here than on neighbouring islands. Tobacco, coconuts, coffee, kapok and cotton are also important crops, while cloves, vanilla, pineapple and pepper have also been introduced.

The indigenous Sasak (around 90% of the population) are Muslims but have a culture and language unique to Lombok. There’s also a significant Hindu Balinese minority – a legacy of the time when Bali controlled Lombok.

How to get there

By Air
MERPATI Airlines 5 times a day from Bali-Lombok, SILKAIR 3 times a week from Singapore – Lombok, Garuda Indonesia and City Link from Jakarta-Surabaya- Lombok or Jakarta-Yogyakarta-Lombok Lion Air from Jakarta-Surabaya-Lombok.

By Sea
Public Ferries depart every two hours from Benoa Bali to Lombok, Perama Tours offer a complete transfer package for pick up service, hotel, tour and transfer from the harbor to your destination, on either island.

By Land
Take Car, taxi or bus from Mataram or Senggigi for trips to the Gillis and north around the island (West Lombok), east towards Kayangan Selong (East Lombok) south-east via Praya towards Kuta (Central Lombok ) or south towards Sekotong (West Lombok ).

By Boat
Regular and charter boat service operate from Senggigi and Bangsal to the Gilis. Charter boat service operate from Mataram, Lembar, Senggigi , Kayangan , Labuhan Pandan, Labuhan Haji / Tanjung Luar to fishing areas and nearby islands such as Gili Nanggu and Gede etc, off Sekotong and Gili Sulat, Petangan and Lampu in north-east Lombok. Perama Tour operate boat services between some of the regions. Dive operators and surfing boats offer trips to various specific locations.

Blue Water Safari Daily

Benoa – Gili Trawangan


Benoa – Teluk Kober


Benoa – Oberoi Hotel Lombok


Gili Trawangan – Benoa


Teluk Kober – Benoa


Oberoi Hotel Lombok – Benoa



Bounty Cruise

Benoa – Teluk Nara


Teluk Nara – Benoa


Only Wednesday, Friday , Sunday

Gili Cat

Padangbai – Gili Trawangan


Gili Trawangan – Padangbai


People, Region, Arts and Culture

Approximately 90% of the 3 million populations living on Lombok are indigenous Sasak people. In western Lombok, descendants of Balinese reside following their Hindu beliefs and intricate ceremonies. The Sasak people are predominantly Muslim. In addition, Buddhist and Arab cultures are found mostly in Mataram. The accent Wetu Telu relegation that still exist around the old mosques of Bayan , north of Mt. Rinjani , and Rambitan (and elsewhere) in southern Lombok are significant in the island’s culture. The diversity of the people provider the region with a rich tapestry of dialect and diverse range of languages, traditional dance, music and rituals.

Lombok is will know for its beautiful pottery making, cloth and basket weaving with exquisite stone and wood carving.