Sekotong Siung

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Description: Beautiful beachfront land in Sekotong. This area is best spot in Sekotong, it is hiding place which is not well known by many peoples, and this we can call an anonymity area. Clear and calm sea make this place very welcome for swimming in the sea. Snorkeling and diving will be very enjoying if we stay in the sea in the middle of Gili Asahan and Gili Gede or other Gilis. Small islands (Gilis) in front of this land make this land incomparable with the others. Just in front of this land we can go with Kayak to tour within 6 Gilis (small islands) just a few minutes to reach each of them. Beautiful Bali Agung Mountain and sunset make this land looks very proper to develop Boutique villas or private villas.

District: Sekotong
Country: Indonesia
Neighborhood: Siung
Square Metres: 90,91
View: Gili, Beautiful Hill, Mount Agung & Sunset
Category: Flat and beautiful white sand
Certificated: Freehold Certificated
Status: Active
Price per 100 m2: on application