Sekotong Hill 2

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Description: We have 4 hectare land on the hill, the land is flat on the hill and valley to down. Good new asphalt road to reach this place, 2,5 km from main road, Gili Sudak, Gili Tangkong and Gili Nanggu view, nice hill around, now is quite isolated feeling when we there, because no building between 1 km. No electricity yet, we still apply to Government together with population on that area, there big village on 5 km further they didn’t have electricity yet there also.

We are very confident this area will be developed very soon because some other persons on that area already discussed building progress to my contractor and my architect who work in my building there. Distance from beach about 1,3 Km.

District: Sekotong
Country: Indonesia
Square Metres: 30,000
View: Beautiful Hill, gilis, mountain, laying tropical trees and sunset view.
Category: Hilly Land
Certificated: Freehold Certificated
Status: Active
Price per 100 m2: IDR 25,000,000